Syria, the media, and “false flags”

Lately, there has been an attempt to play up this idea that Syria will use chemical weapons in their fight against “activists”  that happen to actually be terrorists backed by the NATO countries, as they attempt to bring down country after country, all for no discernible purpose, other than to to attempt to steal what is left of the gas and oil on the planet.  But that isn’t what this post is about.

There is a long history, which I won’t go into here, of events manipulated, or even manufactured by the US Empire, done for various foreign policy reasons with various objectives . Most often, the idea is to do something horrible, and then blame the current enemy of doing the very thing they did, as a way of justifying whatever belligerent policy the empire wishes to justify at the time.

For instance, the unbelievers can easily find out about Operation Northwoods which is quite astounding stuff they had planned, and it was to Kennedy’s credit in this case, that he stopped any further planning along these lines. Many people believe the 9/11 attacks were a “false flag” attack of unimaginable magnitude.

So, it makes me very nervous when the media tells me Syria is going to use chemical weapons, and the “activists” (as NPR always seems to call them) are now allegedly seen with gas masks. If any such tragedy occurs in Syria, I would be very suspicious of claims the Syrian government had anything to do with it. In fact, it might be logical to look elsewhere for the cause of such a tragedy.


Robin Grey’s Younger Looking Skin

This is another guy who needs to be more well known. He is basically folk based, with a fascinating choice of instrumentation in just about every studio type recording. I mean, who knows what instrument he will  use on a song next. He is a very good guitar player, and I’m told plays ukulele fairly well also.. He certainly has a simple style, but one must remember sometimes simplicity is genius, and being created in that fashion on purpose.

I used to think Van the Man Morrison was a simplistic guitar player and musician, although he has always been a favorite of mine. Then,one day, it dawned on me. He is doing it on purpose.

Of course, Van, and many others, certainly Roger Daltrey and Robert Plant, have aged, and with age comes the deepening of the voice.Mine is moving slowly in that direction, too. The key, is to take the example of these older (for lack of a more polite word) Blues musicians. Seventh and ninth chords really help. You can’t be afraid to sing within that baritone, even it was once possible to hit the tenor range with ease.

Robin Grey doesn’t seem to have any problems with old man voice yet, and he sings in a baritone for the most part anyway, but none-the-less, is a great singer and songwriter.

Again, any microscopic way I can help a musician get the exposure that is quite deserving of their talent, then I’m willing to try. Here is Robin Grey’s “Younger Looking Skin” absolutely in the Creative Commons, as the album can be found on a certain Creative Commons music “net label” site, and probably elsewhere too.

Syria and the Media

Of course, as always, the media in the US, Britain, and parts of Europe, are lying about the situation in Syria, as they’ve done with other countries before, to justify their war aims. Nothing new, and very predictable. Except, now there are other powers rising with their own media reaching who knows how many for the moment. And, it is a different story when the Russians and the Chinese actually say no, and veto things at the UN, and then back it up with action – like arming and supporting the Syrian government. I’ve talked about this too much already, but we can see the American Empire is acting in desperation, with the phony revolutions. Since when are activists heavily armed. And look at how they got heavily armed. This is all coming in from outside of the country. Look, Libya was a bridge too far for them. Why didn’t the Russians make a bigger deal of that.

Of course, the icon of the left, Noam Chomsky was no help, when he first supported the UN “No Fly Zone” resolution, something Bob Gates wasn’t even fond of..

But I’ve had my doubts about Chomsky’s usefulness as a spokesperson for the so-called left for some time now. I wrote an article that I meant to save before I re-arranged some blogs that detailed all of the problems with blindly following him. But just briefly, he seems to accept the official version of 9/11 a little too much. He won’t admit that, yes, the government (or factions within) do go after people who are “privileged” as he thinks he is. The most obvious case is that of the DC madame, who was going to expose the politicians (and others?) who visited her house of ill repute. She went on an alternative radio show, and proclaimed never believe it if they say she committed suicide, because she would never do that. And then, of course, the news media told us that is exactly what she did. Really? He thought Obama (and Kerry before that) would be slightly better than Bush, and that justified a vote for them. He’s always quoting these western NGOs as they have any credibility anymore.And he believed all we were told about the “Arab Spring” when it is obvious that in Libya and Syria the revolts were straight out manufactured, while in Egypt they were co-opted.

There was at least one more point, but enough about Chomsky. The whole concept is don’t blindly accept what he or anyone says. It was, I believe, William Cooper that said, and this a paraphrase, listen to everybody, do research, and then make up your own mind. Chomsky and the so-called left can only take us so far. Then the rabbit hole gets deeper.

So, here we are again, with more fake news, like WMD in Iraq, which I’m told some still believe. But this time, the reality on the ground is too distant from the manufactured news. This is a dangerous situation, because what will they try? What do they have up their sleeve?

We can complain about Putin all we want, but right now he, and the Russian and Chinese establishment, are all that stands in the way of a general conflagration that could turn into a larger war. That is not a exaggeration.

So, this video is from Morris 108 YouTube, who is the best video source for what is happening in our world right now, as far as I can tell. Keep up the good work Morris..


Fable by Ryan Spendlove

This guy deserves to be more famous. And this a great song, done on ukulele in this case. Great voice, somewhere in the mid to upper tenor range. And I’ve seen how he plays guitar as well, often without a pick. I’ve done that, but never the proper way like he seems to do. This is Ryan Spendlove’s “Fable.”  If I can do any tiny, microscopic, little thing to help him get better known, then I will, thus here he is.  I hope this helps him more than not, as I’m sure we would disagree on many things, but not on the fact that his simple style is brilliant.

The Emperor Jones Movie (PD)

This is a complex movie, especially for the 1930s. It is absolutely in the Public Domain, and can be found elsewhere besides YouTube. Some might deem it racist, but it is not. Starring the one and only Paul Robeson, this movie is the Emperor Jones.

In some ways this movie frightens me, because Robeson’s character frightens me – and it has nothing to do with race. At least my being frightened has nothing to do with race. The movie has a lot to do with race, class, and other issues too. It is a very complex movie, as I have already mentioned, but on top of that, one must keep in mind when it was made.  But the great Robeson was always pushing the limit, and always ahead of his time. Check out his bass like baritone in this, as well.

Thank you to the YouTube user who took the time format and upload this.

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