Robin Grey’s Younger Looking Skin

This is another guy who needs to be more well known. He is basically folk based, with a fascinating choice of instrumentation in just about every studio type recording. I mean, who knows what instrument he will  use on a song next. He is a very good guitar player, and I’m told plays ukulele fairly well also.. He certainly has a simple style, but one must remember sometimes simplicity is genius, and being created in that fashion on purpose.

I used to think Van the Man Morrison was a simplistic guitar player and musician, although he has always been a favorite of mine. Then,one day, it dawned on me. He is doing it on purpose.

Of course, Van, and many others, certainly Roger Daltrey and Robert Plant, have aged, and with age comes the deepening of the voice.Mine is moving slowly in that direction, too. The key, is to take the example of these older (for lack of a more polite word) Blues musicians. Seventh and ninth chords really help. You can’t be afraid to sing within that baritone, even it was once possible to hit the tenor range with ease.

Robin Grey doesn’t seem to have any problems with old man voice yet, and he sings in a baritone for the most part anyway, but none-the-less, is a great singer and songwriter.

Again, any microscopic way I can help a musician get the exposure that is quite deserving of their talent, then I’m willing to try. Here is Robin Grey’s “Younger Looking Skin” absolutely in the Creative Commons, as the album can be found on a certain Creative Commons music “net label” site, and probably elsewhere too.


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