Syrian Girl on false flag operation in Syria

This is a video from Syria Girl’s YouTube channel. Recently, Obama has been talking more about the danger of the Syrian government using chemical weapons. I rather doubt that would be the case. However, the American government and the various others financing, what is essentially a campaign of terror in Syria, might have their “Syrian Free Army” (which is made up of various factions, mostly not representing the will of the Syrian people at all) use chemical weapons, and then blame it on the Syrians.

But what will the Russians and Chinese, who as of yet have not backed down on this issue, do if the US tries a “false flag” in Syria? This video is actually from early August, but is becoming more relevant now. And what will the government of Turkey do? Will they continue to go along with this? Then, there is the Israeli government, which some claim are promoting all of this, but it makes little sense if they are. This can not end well for them either.

It may have been yesterday or the day before that Obama, who is trying to be re-elected, brought up the idea of using a an alleged chemical attack as a pretext for loving humanitarian intervention in Syria. That last part is sarcasm, by the way.

As an aside, there is something called predictive programming. This is the theory that the elite will tell you what they up to through their movies, video games, and perhaps other supposed creations of fiction, before they actually do the thing they plan on doing. This is a “conspiracy theory” of course.

However, I do remember in the first Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movie, at one point Downey as Holmes looks into the camera and actually says something about remote controlled, I believe chemical weapons, but it could have been biological perhaps, being the thing in the future. I thought this was odd, because it was done in sort of a soliloquy, not really necessary for the movie’s plot to continue on.

Or maybe I’m chasing phantoms. Who knows? I do know the Russians and the Americans have very different ideas about the future of Syria, and I also know that NATO is getting desperate. Assad wasn’t supposed to last this long in their view. So, I wouldn’t put anything past the elite planners of the NATO countries. And, for some reason, our wonderful peace prize winner thinks another war campaign might be good for his election. I doubt that, though.

In other words, please wake out of the slumber fellow American (and European) lovers of peace. The NATO is already in a proxy war with the Russian/China semi-alliance, and the various countries that gravitate towards them.


Tesla And HAARP

This is from YouTube.  The copyright on it, I’m not sure about, except it is an older documentary now, and at least one YouTube user has it listed as fair use, which is, or should be, correct.

If people don’t know about Nikola Tesla, information is easily found by doing a search, or even a search on YouTube. Am I posting a video about HAARP because I think there might be some connection between HAARP and the recent earthquake in Iran? Well, I wouldn’t rule anything out, but I have no way to know or prove whether or not HAARP had anything to do with it.

Do I know that the US and other countries have weather weapons? Well, I believe they do, because during the 70s a treaty was signed between the US and USSR stating that each would not use weather weapons on the other. This is in the documentary, perhaps at another section of it. If they made such a treaty, then they must have believed each country had them.

Have you noticed the weather lately? Drought in the US, tsunamis not so long ago in Asia, earthquakes, and not just the recent one in Iran.

As You Like It

This is the public domain version of “As You Like It.” This version is on YouTube, but the movie can be found within the public domain at other sites as well, but thank you to the YouTube user who took the time and effort to put this up, in pretty good quality for the age of the video.

When Shakespeare said “As You Like I” that is what he apparently meant I’ve been told. He meant As You the audience at the time, not himself, and there are parts which one has to suspend disbelief greatly. Like, were there lions, or something very like lions, in France, at that time or any other time, just roaming around in the forest?

N Korean film on “Propaganda”

First of all, WordPress is not working well with links converting to video, but anyway…

This is a video that purports to be, and there is no reason to doubt it is, a N Korean film about US propaganda, and really a critique of our whole culture and society. I’m not saying N Korea is good by any means. But much of what is in this video has merit, and is based upon information and commentary coming from the US, at least in part. For instance, Noam Chomsky is quoted. And others, I believe.

You can find the other parts of it at Sabineprogram on YouTube.

The link thing……that’s another matter.

Medicinal uses of tea and other spices and herbs


This is all part of a longer story, that one can learn about by going to the video makers YouTube channel directly. This channel has many diverse and interesting videos, some of which I’m still trying to wrap my mind around.

Very clear in the description tag that this video was meant to be shared, so I put on this blog.