A different perspective

I believe it was Oliver Stone that once said something like, “the media has made up our history.” Who are the good guys? Perhaps there are none.

Are we entering a “multi-polar” world? Or is there something else going on here? The interconnections are too much to ponder. For instance, I first heard of the Taureg tribe during the conflict in Libya.  Now, they are apparently in Mali just as a conflict is emerging there. What is this all about? It seems as though crisis after crisis is manufactured somewhere in the world, until the world pays enough attention to stop it. Or, as in the case of the WWI and WWII, they don’t stop it. Are we headed for WWIII?

Perhaps, the groups have been spread throughout the world, and no country can claim any particular allegiance? I don’t know. Are our politicians comprised of double agents all around? Are some of them saying the exact opposite of what they mean? Is it about ever more dangerous transfers of technology? Is it about population control?

I’ve heard the New World Order theory many times. Well, there is always going to be a “New World Order.”  So why always the problem, reaction, solution agenda? By the way, they are saying the conflict in Mali has something to do with “Islamic Terrorists.” Really?

I’m sure there are conflicts going on that I am even less aware of, and it all has a place in whether we have war or peace. Our reaction might be the key. Of course, right now in the US, hardly anybody is paying attention. We have been made poor. We are now the “Third World.”

Only, Obama still has the aircraft carrier Eisenhower at his disposal off the coast of  Syria. I wonder if Ike would have done that? Yes, there was the covert overthrow of the secular, democratic government in Iran. But there was also the Suez Crisis.  Is it an endless cycle of payback until somebody cares?

Of course, the Eisenhower aircraft carrier was reported near Iran a while back. Who is on whose side? And why aren’t we paying attention? Notice the timing of the Doha climate conference? I suspect it has nothing to do with climate, but everything to do with greed. I rather doubt, even with the technology Tesla talked about 100 years ago, that we couldn’t have enough resources for everybody.

Maybe this is what happens when empires fall.



A Humble Opinion on Geo-politics as we enter the Mayan Rebirth

Without giving links or specifics, let me lay out the course of future history, and then in the near future we can look back and see how close I was.

The war that the US and a few European countries started through subterfuge in Syria, will certainly not end as the Libyan deceit ended. We can clearly (I believe) see an alliance coming into focus, one that has been barely perceivable but forming, between Russia and Germany. This should be no surprise, as behind Russia with military power, there is Asia, represented by China. This is the financial power. I’m not the best with numbers, but the Eurasian alliance of Russia, China, and several other countries, not to mention much of the sympathy of the people throughout the world beyond this media illusion in America, comprises easily at least half the world, if not more. Europe also needs  the gas, and perhaps oil, that can be made available through the will of Russia. Whether Assad stays or goes, I would suspect some combination of Germany and Russia would be dominant in the Middle East, and beyond, for several years conservatively. The Americans will play a secondary role in the region, and perhaps the world. The Russians will keep their naval base in Syria.

Coincidentally, it was claimed by Forbes Magazine that Obama, Merkel , and Putin were named the most powerful people in the world, in that order, of 2012. But, in a way, the magazine makes a nonsensical point given that leaders of countries aren’t the only factors in deciding a country’s fate. For example, any fool can manufacture a fake revolution like the “Arab Spring” and the “Color Revolutions.” But once manufactured, revolutions are not easily controlled. Keep in mind, as Brzezinski is said to have noticed, humanity is at a heightened state of awareness.

The US will therefore, along with the other imperial losers such as France, not to mention the UK, all having systemic internal problems and contradictions, or to be more to the point – growing poverty, economic stagnation, and unrest – will attempt to grab up pieces of Africa. They will be competing with the Chinese who intend to greet Africa on an equal standing, rather than force colonial arrogance upon Africa. Therefore, in the near to medium term, there will be a competition over the resources of Africa that China will win for at least several years.

The US insists on punishing the poor to find the money to continue on an outdated imperial agenda. The front man Obama fools nobody outside of the US, but perhaps that is the crowd he is suppose to fool. He might fool a large number of people in Asia, but that remains to be seen. We are already being prepared for the US “pivot” to Asia. This is meant to contain China, but the results are likely not to produce anything positive, as the US is already taking an aggressive stance. One can be hopeful that will change, but one never knows with the US elite planners, who seem to have lost all focus of the principles they espouse. And, they are bankrupt.

They only question is to what extent the US is to go until it concedes defeat in the Middle- East and steps aside? Will we see an open attack on the small country of Syria? This is something the US has been warned about as a Russian “red line.” So, Hillary Clinton has little originality in choosing the same phrase in order to frame Assad as using “chemical weapons.” In fact, I would suspect the US is prepared to go as far as using a false flag “chemical” attack to provide the pretext for war. Either way, as stated above, the US is finished as a power in the Middle East for several, and more likely, many years.

This being the case, and with the “pivot” to Asia, Iran will likely be enticed into joining with the US as a partner of some sort, and perhaps an ally. This will be accompanied by a Russian shift, though gradual, towards Israel. That would mean an American shift away from Israel.

By the way, the only two people in american politics that I can discern as seeing this coming are Obama and Chuck Hagel. They have positioned themselves for this. Rand Paul, like him or hate him (he certainly isn’t his father) perhaps has some inkling as to where the world political situation is going, but it is too soon to comment on the more distant future. I’m sure there are a lot of think tanks and not so secret meetings, so individuals are not exactly concluding these things in a vacuum. It is amazing to see how dumb most of the American politicians are, though. It is frightening to see how the two smartest politicians were cast aside. The two being Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, with Kucinich in my humble opinion being the better of the two. Add Cynthia McKinney, and that makes three. Now, with a few notable exceptions, we are left with an ignorant political class, an ignorant media, and an electorate that knows they’ve been fooled, but can’t quite find the key to open the door.

South America is unpredictable, especially with the great defender of truth, Hugo Chavez, being reportedly ill with cancer. We must never forget who took the difficult path, and who took the easy path. Chavez took the difficult path. Yes, I’m aware of the great oil wealth in his country, and that made it even more dangerous for him to take the high road for so many years, actually winning his elections.

So, now, those of us who care about peace and justice must pay attention to Africa. The US and a few old imperial powers wish to dominate it through subtle spy rings, and perhaps picking sides within the region, and within countries. Especially those in Europe, despite what the American media wishes you to believe, will have a greater say in world affairs.

We also must realize our common interests in defending against an imposed class war from above. The American elite, with the exception of a few I would guess, want the same “austerity” for us the Europeans are now experiencing. We need you to show us how to organize, as I fear we’ve lost the culture of our elders from the 1930s labor movement that organized unions. We’ve lost the clarity of just a few short years ago that put so many people on the street to oppose war. On the other hand, people of the US have a way of recovering and adapting, and reorganizing.

I would rather have a calm Eisenhower like period for a while, but it looks like we are headed more for a period of turmoil. I hope I’m wrong about that last statement.