A different perspective

I believe it was Oliver Stone that once said something like, “the media has made up our history.” Who are the good guys? Perhaps there are none.

Are we entering a “multi-polar” world? Or is there something else going on here? The interconnections are too much to ponder. For instance, I first heard of the Taureg tribe during the conflict in Libya.  Now, they are apparently in Mali just as a conflict is emerging there. What is this all about? It seems as though crisis after crisis is manufactured somewhere in the world, until the world pays enough attention to stop it. Or, as in the case of the WWI and WWII, they don’t stop it. Are we headed for WWIII?

Perhaps, the groups have been spread throughout the world, and no country can claim any particular allegiance? I don’t know. Are our politicians comprised of double agents all around? Are some of them saying the exact opposite of what they mean? Is it about ever more dangerous transfers of technology? Is it about population control?

I’ve heard the New World Order theory many times. Well, there is always going to be a “New World Order.”  So why always the problem, reaction, solution agenda? By the way, they are saying the conflict in Mali has something to do with “Islamic Terrorists.” Really?

I’m sure there are conflicts going on that I am even less aware of, and it all has a place in whether we have war or peace. Our reaction might be the key. Of course, right now in the US, hardly anybody is paying attention. We have been made poor. We are now the “Third World.”

Only, Obama still has the aircraft carrier Eisenhower at his disposal off the coast of  Syria. I wonder if Ike would have done that? Yes, there was the covert overthrow of the secular, democratic government in Iran. But there was also the Suez Crisis.  Is it an endless cycle of payback until somebody cares?

Of course, the Eisenhower aircraft carrier was reported near Iran a while back. Who is on whose side? And why aren’t we paying attention? Notice the timing of the Doha climate conference? I suspect it has nothing to do with climate, but everything to do with greed. I rather doubt, even with the technology Tesla talked about 100 years ago, that we couldn’t have enough resources for everybody.

Maybe this is what happens when empires fall.



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