Freedom and Equality

Coincidence is a strange thing. So much so, that one starts to wonder if some occurrences are happening by coincidence. I’ve had some strange coincidences, but let’s put that to the private side and deal with what is public.

In the public realm, it seems rather odd, if not a coincidence, that the media is acknowledging the idea that the people are constantly being spied upon. Certainly, there have been other “whistle-blowers”  who could have been given more attention by the media. They weren’t. In fact, going as far back as at least the 1990s, there have been concerns of “Big Brother” spy tactics under the Echelon program.

I am, although I have no particular knowledge of what goes on inside the various agencies, convinced it is much worse than what we have told so far. One could imagine this goes far beyond phones and computers. But since I can only speculate, I’ll leave that aside for now.

Some difficult and uncomfortable questions could be asked. For example, in the book 1984, there was a character called Emanuel Goldstein. Winston Smith, to the best of my understanding, never finds out if this Goldstein really exists, or if he had been manufactured by Big Brother. Goldstein was the perennial enemy of Big Brother.

This leads me to somewhat sheepishly wonder if Snowden was manufactured, for whatever reason. It could be as simple as providing a conduit for this information to the people as a way of learning whether or not the people care about this type of spying.

Of course, this leads into larger questions. Which do Americans care more about, Freedom or Equality? How much do they care about either? Do they see small limited government as an important focus? Or, do they want big social spending programs regardless of whether they trust “Big Government” or not. Would they rather focus on the smaller levels of government such as town, city, village, and even state?

Of course, until the majority of Americans (and the world?) can agree on larger philosophical questions regarding the nature of the reality put forth through the media, it might be hard to answer any of these other questions.

Besides, we still don’t know everything “they” are doing, and certainly don’t trust “them” very much. Until our government comes forward with more information about how bad the situation really is….well, one can only speculate. I’ve speculated enough for one day.


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