Some Older Anti-Imperialists, Libya, and Syria

On a blog that no longer exists (except perhaps in some archival form), I once wrote how the three greatest post WWII writers were Gore Vidal, Norman Mailer, and Kurt Vonnegut. I believe all three were in the military during the war. However, each had a very different writing style from the others – especially Vonnegut, who was often considered a science fiction writer.

What they really had in common was a certain kind of politics, especially when it came to foreign policy. They were, for lack of better words, “anti-imperialists.” All three opposed the second (and probably the first) Gulf War.

However, when it comes to Libya and now Syria, I wonder what they would think about the “left.” MY friends on the “left” have done a pretty sad job opposing both of these wars.

Noam Chomsky, and others, have qualified things to a point where their opposition is no longer opposition at all. I won’t name any others who do good work, and are certainly trying the best they can to create a better world. But on this one issue, there have been very few who have come forth in a clear and precise way against American intervention, which certainly occurred in Libya, and is happening now in Syria, no matter how it is disguised and sold.


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