Another attempt with a song of my own

Well, I’ll try the method of audio posting I knew worked a few weeks back one more time…..

No, it just won’t work as it should. Could be me……but I don’t think so.


Just another test of html

Really WordPress? The file type is unsupported. No. A while back I read the first book in this series, but was unable to get around to finding the other books. If I could sit and listen for that long, all of them appear to be up on the internet archive is the form of a series of old radio broadcasts.

One more time to be sure…

Maybe, I just didn’t go about this right last time with this particular audio source. So, I’ll try one more time…  And yet it seems to work with this…


Yet it won’t work through the add media tool as of now, only using html audio tag. Anyway, Sherlock Holmes via the Internet Archive.

Another test of what may work on WP

This is a another test to see what html or embed code might work on WordPress. WP has been the hardest to get any sort of code to work on. They have certain ways of posting media, and that is pretty much what one has to stick to with a WP blog. But, being curious, I thought I’d try another attempt at posting audio that works in some instances.    No, that will not work. So, I will begin my plans to post more of my own music on this blog with a conventional way of posting it I believe I had already discovered to be working.

It is astounding what sometimes works, and what sometimes doesn’t, on WordPress blogs. I had thought that I did this in the easiest way possible through the add media tool last time. Hmm…this time it took the html audio tag, which seemingly worked for a change.

Interesting Times

From time to time, I might put up more of my music than I have been on this blog. I have different ideas about how to put audio up on WordPress, so I am trying out using a different source for this audio now. A song I made a while back called, “Interesting Times.

Test of Opera with WP, Opera is Super Fast

just a test of uploading with Opera, which I thought WP didn’t like so much- or perhaps it was another site that protested. Anyway, the Linux version of Opera is likely old, but very fast. Super fast in fact. Update: Oh right, it was a certain mini-blog platform that begins with “t” and ends with “r.” That’s the one that didn’t like Opera.

Maine, from a while back. Acadia.

Maine, from a while back. Acadia.

Google Console, crawl errors, and SEO- What does it all mean?

I have a few online places, including this one, that I check with Google Console now. Apparently, this site is doing well, with no errors, although the crawl stats are less impressive than some of the other sites. Oddly, a couple of blogs I have using another blogging platform (shh…Google), have crawl errors, even though the crawl stats seem to be higher currently.

What does it all mean? Does it matter much really at all? I suppose it makes me inclined to use this one more, as the Google seems to be telling me it is the one functioning best. Of course, I don’t understand the way the whole thing works entirely. They call it SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and it seems to change based upon the weather or something.

So, maybe WordPress knows what it is doing after all. I thought they were just making certain things (like html code on the blog) difficult just because. Maybe, it is helping SEO. I don’t know really.

But I do know that I’m inclined to use the site that makes those issues the least burdensome, and from what I can see currently through the Console dashboard (although it will likely change over time), this site is performing well enough for now. Oh, Google…sigh.

Theater at 5 – The Stranger

This was really good. It was an attempt by ABC to bring back the concept of the old time radio show. It was called “Theater at 5,” because it aired at 5 pm during weekdays. Many of the episodes were Sci-Fi based, as this one is sort of, but not entirely, along those lines. This is called, “The Stranger.” It deals with what happens when a stranger is found sleeping in the guest room, and neither husband no wife can account for his presence….