Another test of html

One more test of what WordPress will and will not do with html code.




*Update: this only seems to work if using the “archiveorg” short code. Embed and video may or may not work, it would seem.


Another note on using code in wordpress

I’ve read the WordPress help page on using code, but still it seems like in practice, what works and what doesn’t is hit or miss. For instance, the code help page states, “Flash and all other embeds are not allowed in posts, pages, or text widgets. For security reasons, we remove the tags needed for these to work.”  The emphasis on all other embeds is mine.

Well, it some cases that is true, and they do “remove he tags needed for these to work.” But let’s test this rule here to show it is inconsistent.

from the Internet Archive.

That, my friends, is an embed code that appears to be working on However, if I were to add the height and width code, it would not work. Inconsistency is what is bothering me. In fairness, it seems as though WordPress is treating this particular form of embed tag as a video tag.

But it is not only that, it is the fact that most of this code works throughout the internet, but not This is….well, inconsistent.

“Inconsistent” seems to me to be the word to use when referring to the way html is handled on WordPress. And that is why, with the exception of the audio or video tag (most of the time), and YouTube or Vimeo (also, only most of the time), html should be avoided on WordPress.

After all, I could achieve the same end with a simple link, which WordPress apparently still supports. Thus, play or download movie.

Thank you and good day to you, and good luck. Over and out.


Ok,I’ve been too hard on WordPress and code…

But it doesn’t explain all the problems. However, this one problem was my fault. So, I’ll try again to embed my Google site with a video player set up:

Oh, now I see why that can’t work because of security reasons. Never mind. My bad on that one, but some of the other embed and video tag problems still haven’t made sense to me.

Let’s try video a different and easy way

Since for whatever reason I haven’t been able to get the short code (or code for that matter) to work well on WordPress (it works everywhere else), I will now attempt a different way. This is something I figured out that is easier than using the video tag. I could do it the easiest way, or I could try the embed tag. First the embed tag, and if it doesn’t work, the direct link to start the video player.

Since that might work, let me try something else…

Ok, that doesn’t work and I’m sure it is specific to WordPress. How about this…

start movie

That seems like it will work. Here is a short list of some of attempts that made me conclude WordPress isn’t the best blog to use html.

Some Public Domain Videos, but also – WordPress and html

Well, that one explains it well enough really.

Update: it all seems to be working now. Mysterious.

Some Public Domain Videos, but also – WordPress and html

This might be a work in progress for more than a few minutes while I re-learn the WordPress unique code, not exactly like the rest of the web at all. When I use WordPress, I often wonder what happened to my code? You see, code doesn’t always work on WordPress, you never what you’ll get from day to day. Now, the same video tag I started with is working, after not working (very same form), but the embed only gives a link. . But I know the same code worked dozens of times before on this very site.


All originally from the Internet Archive. But unless until the html works for me again on this site, here is the link.

Update: Actually, that particular problem was a security feature of Google Sites. And a good one. But for some reason, I still have difficulty uploading more than one video to the same post. I think I have found that the embed tag works best.