Let’s try video a different and easy way

Since for whatever reason I haven’t been able to get the short code (or code for that matter) to work well on WordPress (it works everywhere else), I will now attempt a different way. This is something I figured out that is easier than using the video tag. I could do it the easiest way, or I could try the embed tag. First the embed tag, and if it doesn’t work, the direct link to start the video player.

Since that might work, let me try something else…

Ok, that doesn’t work and I’m sure it is specific to WordPress. How about this…

start movie

That seems like it will work. Here is a short list of some of attempts that made me conclude WordPress isn’t the best blog to use html.

Some Public Domain Videos, but also – WordPress and html

Well, that one explains it well enough really.

Update: it all seems to be working now. Mysterious.


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