Album: Everything Should Not Be a Target

This is another one from my younger self (although by then I wasn’t really that young I suppose). This is from roughly 2010. I used to have an account with Jamendo, and posted several albums. As I explained in an earlier post (and also here), The internet Archive seems to have saved my old Jamendo albums from no longer existing on the web. I’m glad they did, because I needed to be able (even if just for myself) to organize my music, and remember exactly what I did over the past several years in that way.

So, I now have two recreated. Only about ten (maybe more) to go.

Here is the link to the archive version:


GIF test using Google Photos

for animation photos-ANIMATION

Maybe if you have a Google account, you might not know how many photos are being stored by it in the “photos” app they have. I’m not sure if I like that part entirely. (In fact, I know I don’t like that part.) However, they also include a pretty cool animated GIF maker with the app. This is a two picture graphic I did as a test.

Album: TheBallad of Nikola Tesla and other songs

Recently, I remembered that the Internet Archive had saved some of my older albums that are no longer up on Jamendo. This made me feel better, as I have become kind of overwhelmed by the amount of music I have created over several years, and was feeling not only unorganized (like feeling as though I may have even misplaced some of my songs) – but also questioning why I keep doing it. My music is seen and heard here and there, but I haven’t had any great breakthrough of success with it. Anyway, this gave me the idea, at least for my own desire to have the recorded back catalogue in one place, as close to the original way the songs were collected and presented, to recreate these albums for my Bandcamp page.

All of the ones on the first attempt come from either the original recordings, or alternate recordings, but I insisted to myself that I would not re-record any of the songs. I have, however, “remastered” the tracks, because I have gotten better at making tracks louder and more even, and even using effects. So, otherwise, even if a song seems not good enough by the standards of how I do things now – I have used the already recorded tracks. For each album I get around to, I will also leave the link to the original copy saved by the Archive.

Net Neutrality

As net neutrality looks to be in a dire situation, you would think that the Democrats would focus on that. No. They would rather go on about Russia non-stop 24/7. It is almost like they want to lose.

Meanwhile, I think it is time for the tech gurus (especially the politically aware ones) to show us the way to the next technology. There has to develop another medium for the people, because the internet is slowly being turned into corporatized garbage, along the lines of what happened to radio and then TV. Although, I don’t want to be too hard on radio which glimmers with hope occasionally, and there still is shortwave radio – even in spite of the fact that shortwave isn’t what it used to be.

Alright, rant over for now….


Old Jamendo albums saved by Archive

Some of my old Jamendo albums had been saved by, which is good because they have not existed on Jamendo in a long time. I had been just struggling with how to preserve my back catalogue in a way that makes sense. Currently, I am trying to improve the sound on many of my old tracks, and have started the process of putting them on a bandcamp album called “Best Copies” in AIFF format. I also am placing them as I go on a page of the same name at However, I might recreate some of these albums with better audio in between, and put them up on Bandcamp.

It is sometimes hard to write the code for embed and audio as I want it on WordPress, but I’ll do my best.

01 – I do not sing silly love songs
02 – Happenstance-1930s Germany
03 – Korean Peninsula
04 – Put on that Willie Dixon Song
05 – Chemtrails in the Sky
06 – Self-Aware
07 – Country Redemption
08 – all this technology(B)
09 – down the drain (B)
10 – Sometimes Even (B)
11 – Song for Lynn Stewart(Entropy)B

Syrian Kurds will be the biggest losers: America and Russia on the verge of the abyss in Syria

And the people of the west are hardly paying attention. This should be bigger news, and certainly should be presented as a serious matter in the media. It isn’t presented that way, and the people don’t understand the danger.

Elijah J. Magnier | ايليا ج مغناير

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Key words: Syria, US, Russia, Iran, Kurds, Raqqah

By Elijah J. Magnier: @EjmAlrai

The battle between the US’s allies and Russia’s allies is escalating in the North-East of Syria, posing a real danger that the superpowers may slide into a direct confrontation to protect their interests. But Washington will not prevail at the end of the day in Syria and its allies – led by Syria’s Kurds under the flag of the “SDF” (Syrian Democratic Forces) – will pay the heaviest price.

It is clear that Washington hawks believe that they can provoke or belittle Moscow in Syria: the US bombed the Syrian military airport of Shyay’rat where Russian forces were stationed with other Syrian units. Moreover Washington jets bombed on three consecutive occasions Russia’s allies close to the Syrian-Iraqi border crossing in Al-Tanf. And last but not least, in recent…

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