Album: TheBallad of Nikola Tesla and other songs

Recently, I remembered that the Internet Archive had saved some of my older albums that are no longer up on Jamendo. This made me feel better, as I have become kind of overwhelmed by the amount of music I have created over several years, and was feeling not only unorganized (like feeling as though I may have even misplaced some of my songs) – but also questioning why I keep doing it. My music is seen and heard here and there, but I haven’t had any great breakthrough of success with it. Anyway, this gave me the idea, at least for my own desire to have the recorded back catalogue in one place, as close to the original way the songs were collected and presented, to recreate these albums for my Bandcamp page.

All of the ones on the first attempt come from either the original recordings, or alternate recordings, but I insisted to myself that I would not re-record any of the songs. I have, however, “remastered” the tracks, because I have gotten better at making tracks louder and more even, and even using effects. So, otherwise, even if a song seems not good enough by the standards of how I do things now – I have used the already recorded tracks. For each album I get around to, I will also leave the link to the original copy saved by the Archive.


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