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song: capitalism the ruin of us all

Hopefully more will be done for this collection, but so far the one track is there.


a note on what next

I guess there is no reason not to put this here. A note on what next.


song: NDAA blues


Song: fly away

I’m going to try to use my vimeo page more. Might as well put them here too.


Gordon Jenkins album

This is exactly what I imagine when I think of this kind of music.


song: capitalism

Capitalism. I pretty much hate it.


song: another song of redemption


Song: winter

Although I know it is the middle of summer. This really still part of my attempt to come to terms with my back catalogue of music, and organize it to make sense of it. Just as I think YouTube might be the best way to get everything in one place in an order that makes sense, I get other ideas. You see, the problem with YouTube, is everything has to be made into a video. Too bad I can’t just decide on something and stick to it. That is how I got this unorganized in the first place.

At least, I’m fairly confident that YouTube isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Too many social media sites, and not any of them with the kind of “success” (whatever that would really mean) to say, “this is the place.”

Meanwhile, I will still attempt to get my old Jamendo albums up on bandcamp, and maybe post more songs to my AIFF page at the Internet archive. I’m still not trying to sell anything on this blog, by the way, as this is all for free.

I feel as though I can’t move forward with new music until I come to terms with the old.


A note on back catalogues

This originally was written over at one of my tumblr blogs, but probably should have been posted here first instead. I will quote a long part of it, and then provide a link for the rest. Any feedback from those who might come across this would be welcome:

“I’m facing a dilemma, which is that I never had that one consistent place to stash my music, so that in the future (which is now) – I would be able to keep creating music without feeling  disorganized. Like, where have I placed all of my music? Some of it is in one place, some in another. Always, this was done in different formats, sometimes as “albums” but other times as individual tracks.

There is a certain site where I have my music more organized (but still not to my satisfaction), but it still uses flash, and lately browsers have been marking it “not secure.” I won’t mention the name of the site, because I think it is quite good, and maybe over time I will be able to use it more again.

Anyway, the point is, I need to find that one sort of low key (low stress?) place to stash my back catalogue, so I feel like I can continue on in the present. I’m thinking like a page with a list of audio files, and of course one that I feel like it wouldn’t be a bit much to upload massive gigabytes of audio files quickly. I have a few ideas, but I’ll have to think about this some more. ”

The rest here.


Two more Albums

I just finished putting two more of my “recreated” albums up on bandcamp.

The links to copies of the originals that were saved by the Internet Archive:


Album: Too Many in the Same Boat

This is the latest of my attempts to “recreate” my old Jamendo albums that are no more. It is mainly for my own peace of mind, in that I feel the need to get more organized about my old songs, and have a single place to stash them in an order that makes sense. I am grateful to the Internet Archive for actually saving all my old Jamendo albums. This isn’t because I’m special, only that they appear to have been cataloging Jamendo albums. In these attempts, one of my goals is to improve the sound of the albums using the little I learned about production over the years. I think I am able to make the songs louder and more even at the least. I always include the link to the Archive version as well.



Album: Soothe My Soul

I won’t go through the whole story of how and why I decided to recreate my old Jamendo albums. For that, one can see this link. And this. And this.  But keeping with the format I’ve been using, here is the album as it was on


Public Enemy Release Their (Free) Album, Nothing Is Quick In The Desert

The Musings of a Recluse


Out of thin air, Chuck D and company just released their 14th studio album, Nothing Is Quick In The Desert.

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