A note on back catalogues

This originally was written over at one of my tumblr blogs, but probably should have been posted here first instead. I will quote a long part of it, and then provide a link for the rest. Any feedback from those who might come across this would be welcome:

“I’m facing a dilemma, which is that I never had that one consistent place to stash my music, so that in the future (which is now) – I would be able to keep creating music without feeling  disorganized. Like, where have I placed all of my music? Some of it is in one place, some in another. Always, this was done in different formats, sometimes as “albums” but other times as individual tracks.

There is a certain site where I have my music more organized (but still not to my satisfaction), but it still uses flash, and lately browsers have been marking it “not secure.” I won’t mention the name of the site, because I think it is quite good, and maybe over time I will be able to use it more again.

Anyway, the point is, I need to find that one sort of low key (low stress?) place to stash my back catalogue, so I feel like I can continue on in the present. I’m thinking like a page with a list of audio files, and of course one that I feel like it wouldn’t be a bit much to upload massive gigabytes of audio files quickly. I have a few ideas, but I’ll have to think about this some more. ”

The rest here.


Cold Tea (from Poetry and Words that May not Make Sense on Wattpad)

This may work like this on WordPress after all. I debated whether to just make a separate blog on WP just for my off the wall poetry attempts, but since it may embed, perhaps I’ll just post it this way. I also have another story, science fiction, that i might try to embed. Though, I can’t quite remember if I already did that here a while back. The cover was intended to look more like this:


But, I thought given the title, and the state of mind I was trying to convey with these words, I decided to leave it as such, as part of the statement. Thank you to anyone who cared enough to look at and read this.