Amorphous: paintings as fantasy



GIF test using Google Photos

for animation photos-ANIMATION

Maybe if you have a Google account, you might not know how many photos are being stored by it in the “photos” app they have. I’m not sure if I like that part entirely. (In fact, I know I don’t like that part.) However, they also include a pretty cool animated GIF maker with the app. This is a two picture graphic I did as a test.

Old Jamendo albums saved by Archive

Some of my old Jamendo albums had been saved by, which is good because they have not existed on Jamendo in a long time. I had been just struggling with how to preserve my back catalogue in a way that makes sense. Currently, I am trying to improve the sound on many of my old tracks, and have started the process of putting them on a bandcamp album called “Best Copies” in AIFF format. I also am placing them as I go on a page of the same name at However, I might recreate some of these albums with better audio in between, and put them up on Bandcamp.

It is sometimes hard to write the code for embed and audio as I want it on WordPress, but I’ll do my best.

01 – I do not sing silly love songs
02 – Happenstance-1930s Germany
03 – Korean Peninsula
04 – Put on that Willie Dixon Song
05 – Chemtrails in the Sky
06 – Self-Aware
07 – Country Redemption
08 – all this technology(B)
09 – down the drain (B)
10 – Sometimes Even (B)
11 – Song for Lynn Stewart(Entropy)B

Cold Tea (from Poetry and Words that May not Make Sense on Wattpad)

This may work like this on WordPress after all. I debated whether to just make a separate blog on WP just for my off the wall poetry attempts, but since it may embed, perhaps I’ll just post it this way. I also have another story, science fiction, that i might try to embed. Though, I can’t quite remember if I already did that here a while back. The cover was intended to look more like this:


But, I thought given the title, and the state of mind I was trying to convey with these words, I decided to leave it as such, as part of the statement. Thank you to anyone who cared enough to look at and read this.