Tesla And HAARP

This is from YouTube.  The copyright on it, I’m not sure about, except it is an older documentary now, and at least one YouTube user has it listed as fair use, which is, or should be, correct.

If people don’t know about Nikola Tesla, information is easily found by doing a search, or even a search on YouTube. Am I posting a video about HAARP because I think there might be some connection between HAARP and the recent earthquake in Iran? Well, I wouldn’t rule anything out, but I have no way to know or prove whether or not HAARP had anything to do with it.

Do I know that the US and other countries have weather weapons? Well, I believe they do, because during the 70s a treaty was signed between the US and USSR stating that each would not use weather weapons on the other. This is in the documentary, perhaps at another section of it. If they made such a treaty, then they must have believed each country had them.

Have you noticed the weather lately? Drought in the US, tsunamis not so long ago in Asia, earthquakes, and not just the recent one in Iran.