Old Jamendo albums saved by Archive

Some of my old Jamendo albums had been saved by Archive.org, which is good because they have not existed on Jamendo in a long time. I had been just struggling with how to preserve my back catalogue in a way that makes sense. Currently, I am trying to improve the sound on many of my old tracks, and have started the process of putting them on a bandcamp album called “Best Copies” in AIFF format. I also am placing them as I go on a page of the same name at archive.org. However, I might recreate some of these albums with better audio in between, and put them up on Bandcamp.

It is sometimes hard to write the code for embed and audio as I want it on WordPress, but I’ll do my best.

01 – I do not sing silly love songs
02 – Happenstance-1930s Germany
03 – Korean Peninsula
04 – Put on that Willie Dixon Song
05 – Chemtrails in the Sky
06 – Self-Aware
07 – Country Redemption
08 – all this technology(B)
09 – down the drain (B)
10 – Sometimes Even (B)
11 – Song for Lynn Stewart(Entropy)B

Google Console, crawl errors, and SEO- What does it all mean?

I have a few online places, including this one, that I check with Google Console now. Apparently, this site is doing well, with no errors, although the crawl stats are less impressive than some of the other sites. Oddly, a couple of blogs I have using another blogging platform (shh…Google), have crawl errors, even though the crawl stats seem to be higher currently.

What does it all mean? Does it matter much really at all? I suppose it makes me inclined to use this one more, as the Google seems to be telling me it is the one functioning best. Of course, I don’t understand the way the whole thing works entirely. They call it SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and it seems to change based upon the weather or something.

So, maybe WordPress knows what it is doing after all. I thought they were just making certain things (like html code on the blog) difficult just because. Maybe, it is helping SEO. I don’t know really.

But I do know that I’m inclined to use the site that makes those issues the least burdensome, and from what I can see currently through the Console dashboard (although it will likely change over time), this site is performing well enough for now. Oh, Google…sigh.