Song: Universal Basic Income Blues


Song: winter

Although I know it is the middle of summer. This really still part of my attempt to come to terms with my back catalogue of music, and organize it to make sense of it. Just as I think YouTube might be the best way to get everything in one place in an order that makes sense, I get other ideas. You see, the problem with YouTube, is everything has to be made into a video. Too bad I can’t just decide on something and stick to it. That is how I got this unorganized in the first place.

At least, I’m fairly confident that YouTube isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Too many social media sites, and not any of them with the kind of “success” (whatever that would really mean) to say, “this is the place.”

Meanwhile, I will still attempt to get my old Jamendo albums up on bandcamp, and maybe post more songs to my AIFF page at the Internet archive. I’m still not trying to sell anything on this blog, by the way, as this is all for free.

I feel as though I can’t move forward with new music until I come to terms with the old.

Another note on using code in wordpress

I’ve read the WordPress help page on using code, but still it seems like in practice, what works and what doesn’t is hit or miss. For instance, the code help page states, “Flash and all other embeds are not allowed in posts, pages, or text widgets. For security reasons, we remove the tags needed for these to work.”  The emphasis on all other embeds is mine.

Well, it some cases that is true, and they do “remove he tags needed for these to work.” But let’s test this rule here to show it is inconsistent.

from the Internet Archive.

That, my friends, is an embed code that appears to be working on However, if I were to add the height and width code, it would not work. Inconsistency is what is bothering me. In fairness, it seems as though WordPress is treating this particular form of embed tag as a video tag.

But it is not only that, it is the fact that most of this code works throughout the internet, but not This is….well, inconsistent.

“Inconsistent” seems to me to be the word to use when referring to the way html is handled on WordPress. And that is why, with the exception of the audio or video tag (most of the time), and YouTube or Vimeo (also, only most of the time), html should be avoided on WordPress.

After all, I could achieve the same end with a simple link, which WordPress apparently still supports. Thus, play or download movie.

Thank you and good day to you, and good luck. Over and out.


Syria and the Media

Of course, as always, the media in the US, Britain, and parts of Europe, are lying about the situation in Syria, as they’ve done with other countries before, to justify their war aims. Nothing new, and very predictable. Except, now there are other powers rising with their own media reaching who knows how many for the moment. And, it is a different story when the Russians and the Chinese actually say no, and veto things at the UN, and then back it up with action – like arming and supporting the Syrian government. I’ve talked about this too much already, but we can see the American Empire is acting in desperation, with the phony revolutions. Since when are activists heavily armed. And look at how they got heavily armed. This is all coming in from outside of the country. Look, Libya was a bridge too far for them. Why didn’t the Russians make a bigger deal of that.

Of course, the icon of the left, Noam Chomsky was no help, when he first supported the UN “No Fly Zone” resolution, something Bob Gates wasn’t even fond of..

But I’ve had my doubts about Chomsky’s usefulness as a spokesperson for the so-called left for some time now. I wrote an article that I meant to save before I re-arranged some blogs that detailed all of the problems with blindly following him. But just briefly, he seems to accept the official version of 9/11 a little too much. He won’t admit that, yes, the government (or factions within) do go after people who are “privileged” as he thinks he is. The most obvious case is that of the DC madame, who was going to expose the politicians (and others?) who visited her house of ill repute. She went on an alternative radio show, and proclaimed never believe it if they say she committed suicide, because she would never do that. And then, of course, the news media told us that is exactly what she did. Really? He thought Obama (and Kerry before that) would be slightly better than Bush, and that justified a vote for them. He’s always quoting these western NGOs as they have any credibility anymore.And he believed all we were told about the “Arab Spring” when it is obvious that in Libya and Syria the revolts were straight out manufactured, while in Egypt they were co-opted.

There was at least one more point, but enough about Chomsky. The whole concept is don’t blindly accept what he or anyone says. It was, I believe, William Cooper that said, and this a paraphrase, listen to everybody, do research, and then make up your own mind. Chomsky and the so-called left can only take us so far. Then the rabbit hole gets deeper.

So, here we are again, with more fake news, like WMD in Iraq, which I’m told some still believe. But this time, the reality on the ground is too distant from the manufactured news. This is a dangerous situation, because what will they try? What do they have up their sleeve?

We can complain about Putin all we want, but right now he, and the Russian and Chinese establishment, are all that stands in the way of a general conflagration that could turn into a larger war. That is not a exaggeration.

So, this video is from Morris 108 YouTube, who is the best video source for what is happening in our world right now, as far as I can tell. Keep up the good work Morris..