Note on best copies songs

I’ve been remastering (for lack of a better word) all my old songs, and putting them on one page on I think I’ve gotten better at the production part, and have been able to improve the sound quality of many of my early songs, maybe.


Net Neutrality

As net neutrality looks to be in a dire situation, you would think that the Democrats would focus on that. No. They would rather go on about Russia non-stop 24/7. It is almost like they want to lose.

Meanwhile, I think it is time for the tech gurus (especially the politically aware ones) to show us the way to the next technology. There has to develop another medium for the people, because the internet is slowly being turned into corporatized garbage, along the lines of what happened to radio and then TV. Although, I don’t want to be too hard on radio which glimmers with hope occasionally, and there still is shortwave radio – even in spite of the fact that shortwave isn’t what it used to be.

Alright, rant over for now….


Ok,I’ve been too hard on WordPress and code…

But it doesn’t explain all the problems. However, this one problem was my fault. So, I’ll try again to embed my Google site with a video player set up:

Oh, now I see why that can’t work because of security reasons. Never mind. My bad on that one, but some of the other embed and video tag problems still haven’t made sense to me.

another html test/ I Like Ike

This is in the Public Domain. It should work on Chrome and Firefox at least. It may work on tablets. Since it is campaign season, as always, Ike…

Update: I’ve decided instead of trying to create the html video player, for WP alone I will (have to) use their method of embed. Odd how WP does it differently, but I suspect that is to keep malevolent code off of their sites…